Background images and videos are back on blender 2.8!

yeah downloaded the latest build bot build and its there in the camera section working fully on both images and video !!
now modifiers in edit mode and we are ready to go :smile:

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Mmm, but this only depending on Camera view? I’m not sure if it’s still WIP, but I suppose if it’s not visible in Ortho views then the purpose of this is not to use it as a reference in modeling and still new Image as empty is for it.

Can we use image sequences as textures with material nodes in Blender 2.8 and it shows in eevee viewport and can be rendered?

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This is really bad !

The old version was perfect, allowing background images without the need for planes and objects
available in all the views (not only camera) was a big thing that made Blender better than Max and Maya

There are still plans to add back functionality to the empties that the old system had.


I wouldn’t say the old system was perfect. There are advantages from both the old and new systems. It would be nice to get some of the old functionality combined with the new.

Whenever using background images as reference in pre 2.8 Blender it always involved some faffing about. To get the scale of a background image correct to begin using it as proper reference is always slightly frustrating. I either have to prepare the background image in Photoshop beforehand - Cropping it or encompassing the subject in a border of known size, to be able to use the Background image scale value accurately, or placing a proxy object the correct dimensions in front of the BG image and cursing at the lack of fine scale control background images always seem to have (even with shift the scaling is very hard to tweak accurately).

It would be nice to use something like the Measure tool on an image (or object for that matter), draw a measurement line and just tell Blender “See that measurement I just drew? Scale the object/image it’s tied to so that that measurement equals 125mm” or whatever.