Background Images in 2.8


(philosopher) #1

I miss the Background Images in Blender 2.8.

Their new “solution” is to import images as planes, but what if I want to model in wireframe mode?
This cannot be done in Blender 2.8, because if you set the Wireframe mode, your background image becomes a wireframe too, leaving you without a background image!

So how am I supposed to do this in Blender 2.8?

(Bernhard K.) #2

You add an Image with Shift+a and select “Reference” I think. You then have a new panel in the properties panel where you can set up this image.
For example to be just visible in orthographic or perspectiv view, or if you want it to be visible from both sides.

And if you also have “auto Perspective” eneabled in the preferences its almost the same experience as in 2.7


you can also set a background image for camera sometimes usefull


it would be awesome to have the abilty to lock them to view.
act like a simple uv image editor.

(philosopher) #5

Thanks, this solved my problem!

(Łukasz Śliwiński) #6

Can we somehow lock the empty object used for the background image to avoid moving it around?

(Craig Jones) #7

You can get around this by splitting 3d view and putting the empties way out there, focus on them and then you can use the other window to work on the model.

The other way is to work though a camera view with them parented to the camera and set to ‘front’ so that they don’t disappear behind the model.

(Łukasz Śliwiński) #8

In that case this good solution. I wasn’t precise. I want to have as a background images a car blueprints so I need to have them in the same 3d view where I do my stuff. The only useful option that I found is that in the collections in the outliner I can “disable object selection in the view port”. The the object properties there are locks for the Transform operations e.g. “Lock editing of location in the interface” but I don’t understand if this is actually working as I can still change the values in the properties view and in the 3d viewport.

(Craig Jones) #9

That should work - once you set up your blueprint in the viewport, you can set it to not be selectable in the outliner so it will be locked as you describe. I’ve done that with image planes as well.


ok ok you win

(Craig Jones) #11

No, I am just happy it works much better than my set up last year for sculpt and paint - and the widget allows you to rescale the empty to see better, rotate/flip etc

(rombout) #12

There is this wonderful looking addon