Background images in perspective

Is there any way to use background images while modelling in a perspective view? Photos do have some perspective associated with them, and modelling orthographically seems to give strange results sometimes.

When I set a background image for the ‘camera’ view the image appears to be distorted.

For many reference images the perspective is known. References from, for example, such as JW used in his Modelling the Female Head/Body have camera data with them. Models I shoot myself have known camera data, and one can estimate a lot of images pretty accurately even if camera data is not known.

You could try importing the image as a plane, you have to activate the add-on first (IMPORT IMAGE AS PLANE), maybe parenting it to the camera.

You can stick an image to an empty

Excellent, thank you. Downloading latest Blender now.

Just as an aside, I found that when using the empties displayed as images in 3d view for reference, I did well to down size the images from what my camera had caught them to something more manageable. My camera captures 5k pixel width, and that is beyond comfortable for handling in the 3d window. I sized them down as copies to 20% and then they behave nicely. There is no difference in the scale of the image when they display, since it is based on the width to height ratio.

Just a tip is all.