Background images not showing

I started a blender project yesterday to model a car… I loaded my background images, right side, front, back, and top blueprints… I sized it up as close as I could to model it… all was fine… I could see the images in Ortho no problem…
today, I brought up blender and opened my project to get back to work on it and no images… I’m in Ortho … I clicked out and back in… still no images showing… the opaque is set where you should be able to see it… I’ve not changed a thing … When I saved what I had done and closed Blender, it was working… now it is no longer showing… am lost as
to what to look for right now… never had this issue before…
I’m working with Blender 2.78A
could use an idea as to what I might look for as the problem…



Blender doesn’t save images you load as background files internally. Instead, it references the original image you used in the first place. If the source location is missing, the images will not load.

I can make out “pendrive” from your screenshot, of which I’m assuming you used a USB stick for the images. Check to see if it’s still connected to the computer. Otherwise you should move the images to one of your local drives.