Background images

I am using Blender 2.69 on a Mac (OS 10.7.5). I am able to “open” an image with the background option. However, nothing appears on the screen. I am in orthographic mode (I’ve tried all view modes including orthographic). I have tried jpg, png, and tiff versions of the photo I’m trying to use as a background. I have also tried different resolutions (72 and 300). Nothing works to show the image. There appears to be an object on the screen (which is basically a small dot) that shows up when “all” is selected and it can be deleted but if that is the background image nothing I do brings it up (zoom has no effect). Is there a setting I’m missing? Thanks.

Show us something ?

Screenshots and blend files with all images packed in the blend (File / External Data menu)

Thanks for the quick response. Attached is a screenshot of what I see.

I’m not sure how to attach the blend file to these messages.

I tried answering before but it didn’t seem to go through. Try again. Here is a screen shot of what I see:
I’m not sure how to attach the blend file.

In your screenshot you haven’t enabled the background image option

I’m not sure how to attach the blend file.
Upload to and tell us the download link

Sorry for being so dumb. All is well now. Thanks for the quick help!!