Background pic scaling

Ok, I feel like an idiot but I can’t make this work.

I need this image precisely fitted to my background so I can
try some rotoscoping on it,

But when I load it into my background I only get
to see a tiny distorted bit of it.

No matter what I do with the “Size” factor the background
never changes. I’m using the .32 version of blender.

I’m new to Blender myself but I think this could be the problem.

it looks like your trying to use the background image from a camera viewpoint and i think ‘view background’ is only good for orthagonal projection.

you might wanna try using the image as a backbuf image. Make sure the image proportion matches the render output settings. eg if your usin the default renderer its probably set to 640*480, make sure the image has the same proportions.

hope this helps.

Those are two different pics. If you were looking at a small section of the first one then the second would be heavily pixelated at that magnification.


indeed unless the resolution was several thousand by several thousand pixels. also they don’t seem to correlate exactly. also,… with a picture that was that many pixels, why would one use JPG format? JPG is lossy, so the excessive pixelage would be wasted.

Well, the problem was that blender can’t handle large background
images. If you try to load a 2200 by 1700 image from a digital
camera it can’t handle it. I rescaled all my images down to

This is sub-optimal if one is trying to make a pixel accurate model
but I guess you can’t win em all.

Thanks folks!

Yes it occured to me you might be using one of those fancy digital type cameras. If youre able to save to a different format though, say PNG, you could save alot of the quality without using such a huge pixelage.