Background Reflections and / Texturing Complications

Update: SOLVED

Got an image, of metal objects on black (metallic) background. Trying to get a direct straight on shot, but the black background is reflective on the metal images which appears to distort the images. The straight on shot with the background also doesn’t allow for shadows so feeling it is also not creating the look that is wanted.

Wanting a more realistic look (with a black background) which can be seen with most lighter colored background. Not sure if this is going to be a lighting or texturing issue.

Any suggestions, directions or so forth. Just trying to help a friend - I’m a newbie in all things graphics.

PS. Not against altering the metallic-ness of items, but that seems to make the colors “pop” most. If there is another way to adjust this, then perhaps that may be an easier or better fix.

Thanks much in advance!!!

I think I’ve figured out what was happening. Some of the curves were 2D and some 3D and I think that along with the above distorted it.