Background structure appearing through mesh surface

Hi everybody, :eyebrowlift:

I am rendering an animation, and have some trouble with rendering surfaces that are close to another. The mesh structure in the background appears through the front surface of the mesh. That happens when my mesh is far away from the camera. When it is close to the camera everything is normal: all that is behind the front surface of the mesh doesn’t appears through it.

I think this trouble is depending on some camera settings that I don’t set correctly (but which one ?)
Or it is something else.
If anyone knows… ?

THANKs in advance !


Two things you can try: 1) Play with the camera clipping distances, setting Start to a very low value like 0.01 and End to something not too high like 10,000. And 2) If the problematic green surfaces are simple planes, add a Solidify modifier to give them some “body”.

I have tried it, but it wasn’t succesfull. Thank you anyway for your advices.

At end, I found where the trouble is coming from. It is du to the transparency in my materials. I’ve got transparency in my textures picture (PNG) so that I check the “transprency” option box in the Material panel. As soon as I uncheck this “transparency” box the trouble dispappears.