Backing textures for Unity

I will try to be short and clear with my poor broken Engrish :slight_smile:
So, currently I work on models for some VR / AR application. Unity are chosen as software.
My task are modeling and texturing.
Here is one test model (100) Crkva Sveti Djordje - Download Free 3D model by alekba (@alekba) [0da8261] (
On Sketchfab model with only diffuse texture look so, so, but in application tests no so good. Without roughness and bump/normal map it look somehow plastic. So I get idea to bake roughness and bump map in one texture using red and blue channel, just to spare resources. I first bake normal map and roughness. Then I bring it and bake it together in one map. So I get this

here is node

I ( almost ) successfully recreate render with normal and roughness maps in Cycles. I repeat this in C4D. In both cases result is somehow different, I think that bump map is to weak, with some color correction I get … mediocre result. During day I will send test model to dude to try in Max / Corona.
But my main issue is will this work in Unity? I try to find some info - tutorials, but like no one make something similar.
Maybe I don’t use best workflow… maybe this is not possible in Unity… Nay suggestion, recommendation is welcome.
on the end Cycles render of test model

On the Roughness/Bump Image Texture Node, change the Color Space to Data. Does that help?

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I don’t see Data dolor space… there are SRGB, Raw, Non Color, etc. but no data. Btw I use Blender 2,92 and 2.93

Sorry, it is the Non Color =)

Non color make stuff even worse, just like RAW. My concern are are this even possible. Most people use RMA , roughness - metalness - AO maps. There is for sure some reason behind this.