Backlip animation. Need help with IK/FK switch

Hello. I’m currently animating a backflip. However, I’m running into problems when switching from IK to FK legs in order to have a better motion arc during the jump. I started with IK legs and snapped to FK when the jump starts, returning to IK when the character lands. I also keyed a good starting and ending point for both IK and FK, setting keys to Whole Character, but my character keeps deforming and my keys go everywhere except where I want them to be.

Do you guys could help me and tell how would you make this switch? I’m beginning in animation and I have had very decent results in things such as walking, running and dancing, but this backflip is driving me crazy, maybe because its the first time I attempt switching from IK to FK.

Thanks a lot :o

It’s a difficult question to answer without looking at your blend file or even knowing what rig you are using!

Does it have a snap switch IK/KF?

My advice is don’t switch during this move since most of the motion depends on the feet leaving and landing. Add a few extra keys to get a better arc of motion.

If you want to know how to make an IK/FK switch, check out Humane Rigging by Nathan Vegdahl. This will not cover IK/FK snapping.

Good luck!