Backward compatibility: Python

I know we’re past the 2.4x days, but there are a lot of really great scripts from back then that haven’t been updated, or have no chance of being updated (author has moved on, script mechanics too hard to grasp for mere conversion/ relies on python 3x ect.)

But: is it possible to make a module to make a “buffer” script which gets and sets current blender data through python as though it were working under blender 2.4x using python 2.x?

-no new blender coding would be needed, just a buffer class which emulates python calls from the 2.4x days.

-all one would need to convert the script is to point the imports to it. -also, maybe redirect python functions to use pre python 3x

-under special circumstances, maybe when the custom spaces (forgive if I have gotten this wrong) could be wired to behave as the python window from the 2.4x days (or write a buffer for that as well)

I know this may have been discussed before, but I think it’s worth it because there are a lot of scripts out there worth porting, and maybe some authors don’t wish to restart some projects to blender 2.6x… in a way, they could mix functions.

What are your thoughts on this? thanks.

what scripts? … rly don’t know of any that can’t be easily ported or have already been…

no, I think your wish can not be fulfilled.
First: gui possibilities are ‘totally’ different.
Second: the Api to use is rather different.
Third: the internal structure of has changed: ngons (polygons).

Only chance to find someone to convert a script from 2.48 to >=2.63 … but then you should give links and/or sources and maybe examples …