Bad day of the lego guy

I wanted to make some not so serious work here so i modeled lego guy and little environments for it.

I know that the materials are not so correct and also the legs of the guy are not so perfect. But because I didnt wanna make it so serious so I let some errors into it. :slight_smile:

nice! i love the concept.

The plastic I think is either too glossy or too spec intense. Other than that I think it is really nice, not sure what yuo mean by “Serious” errors, because I love lego (Possibly too much for a person of my age) and I can’t see anything MAJORLY wrong.

Thank you guys. For my eyes it is little bit too glossy, but maybe my experimets of legos are bit different.

When I was kid i used to make with the legos some “mechanical bombs” (like if you wring some lever, everything will explode) and because I used them like that I also made them so scuffed.

@wefby There aint nothing wrong with legos, I get told all the time I do stuff that is not suited for my age.

@render It’s a nice set up, but it is to glossy. Also you said that you scuffed um up, but they look like they are right out of the package, and at that end even legos right out of the package dont have that good of a reflection on them unless they are ones designed for that.

Whether or not the plastic is to glossy, well done on the render – very moody shot … you could do an entire short movie with shots like these and sell depression medication :wink:

Yeah, Rallici said exactly what I had in my mind when I was doing this. When I was kid I scuffed my legos up, but this model is a different story.
Because this is not for any client- its just for fun, I did leave the legos without texture.

Textures is something that I dont like so much do when I am modeling stuff and thats why I dont do texture works so much in my “this is just for funny” - works. :slight_smile:

My english may be little bit hard to understand because I dont know all the words and sometimes I write really weird stuff. (just because I am so beginner with english.)

The proportions on the minifig are kind of “off…” :stuck_out_tongue:

@arman I guess I just dint understand what you said, and as far as your english goes its a hell of a lot better than most amaricans trust me.

You might try colored light instead of white. Bluish might make for a good depressing atmosphere.