bad display problems?

(verylost) #1

i just installed blender publisher, after using creator for awhile… and i start it, and everything is weird. theres a strange pattern background, and nothing is showing but empty frames.

 the bottom one where the buttons are is weird, because the buttons only show up after i mousever, but the do nothing. also, the main 3d window shows nothing but a pink/purple weird pattern. i think it has to do with my graphics card... a nVidia ti 4200. 

 i updated the video drivers about the same time as i updated to publisher. i cant get to nvidias site, but im gonna try going back to earlier drivers... but could it also be some setting wrong? i have it in 16 bit color, 1024 x 700 resolution... is there anything i can check to get blender running correctly?

(OTO) #2


you work in 1024x700, in 16 bit mode with a GForce 4200???
Please do yourself a favour and raise to 32 bits (under windows??)
For the resolution that depends on your monitor capabilities!
Now Blender should work fine, has he dids with my GF4 ti 4200!

(Enzoblue) #3

Turn off anti aliasing on your card, set it to the ‘Let program decide’ thing.

(verylost) #4

i only use 16 bit color because of zsnes, it gives some error when its in 32 bit =D by the way i did check that and it still didnt work.

i did turn off the anti aliasing, and it works! thanks, thats one of those things i would never check. i guess it turned on after i installed the new drivers.