Bad Habit

Hi guys! I’m a character designer, storyboard artist and cartoonist.

3D is just a hobby for me so far, I did a short animation recently and decided to share the final result;)

The Short



Nice! Good work!

Well done! Bit dark … hope he gets the help [reprogramming] he needs. :laughing:

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Nice overall and especially the main character/texturing. Did you make the main character model for this project or have it from before?

If you want suggestions,


putting the title text “Bad Habit” at the end diminishes the punch of the punchline. I might try “Logo Fade” > “Close Up Butterfly till off screen” > Fade to Black > Title Text > Butterfly / Bot interaction.

The “half red” lens is too brief; either have the lens/sensor be always half-red and have the laser fire from the bottom or just have full red all the time.

The character stops following the butterfly at a strange time. He should watch the remains fall and stare at that spot for a while before turning away. And if the title text isn’t there, then hold the frame for a few seconds and have the character shut down fully (close the lens).

Thank you for your comments and suggestions, it is a valuable lesson for me for future projects;)

Thanks for posting a “Making Of” - - that’s really fun and interesting.