bad request

When i use the search i keep getting bad request page.

Which search? The search field at the top of the site? The Search Thread drop-down in each thread? The Advanced Search page?

I’ve tried all three and they seem to work for me. What’s the specific thing that you’re searching for?

The search at the top of the page.I was searching for randomly placed objects in empty area’s.
I forgot to tell you the bad request page shows up after you type your search.Then press enter and then click on a thread.

On the can’t open posts after search thread last thread they posted brings me back to it’s page.The first puts up a bad request.

It seems you did read, but didn’t understand the thread JA12 linked to.
His whole point was that using special characters in search terms will cause trouble. Therefore your

“randomly placed objects in empty area’s” will not work
(because of the apostrophe, which is grammatically incorrect, anyway), but

“randomly placed objects in empty areas” will.

I did not know that.

That certainly is a wacky error. My guess is that something isn’t being escaped properly for the highlighting feature of vbulletin’s search engine. I’ve passed this one up the ladder to see if there’s a solution.

Are you supposed to use aposterfies in the search?I get a lot more in the search when i use aposterfies.I just can not access it.

A work around would be to copy the URL to the link, paste it, and remove the highlight variable from the URL. It’s hacky, but it would work (disregarding that the apostrophe in your example is improper grammar/spelling :wink: )

That said, this really should be something that’s fixed in vbulletin.