Does anyone know how I can export a very high resolution JPEG or TGA of a logo I made? Its chrome and looks good in Blender but it seems to have jagged edges when rendered. I have messed with OSA settings to the death and still it seems Im getting a poor quality image when i zoom in. I have a G-4 with an awsome graphics card so I know thats not it. I just want to make a high res pic to work with in photoshop. Another issue is when i open a jpeg from blender into photoshop, the image is way darker for some reason. I have found a way to fix that , but am curious why the export from blender differs.

Thanks again!

In all of thet there’s only one thing I can say for sure : the graphic card has nothing, nothing at all to do with rendering anything else but OpenGL.

You’ve played with OSA to death you say and I believe you. OSA is a trick not a cure for all deseases. I found that for some images Cubic at 1.5 was all I wished for and those were usually the type that needed to be soft. Once I found true love using Box at 1.0 : crisp details. Have you tried full OSA button in the Materials ? For a time I was a firm believer in rendering 3-4 time the size and resizing down : details and no jaggies… untils it didn’t work for a series of images.

As for darker images, I’d bet on a difference in the gamma setting. Another thins could be the value of the colors surrounding you image. The ‘rounded’ theme in Blender is quite dark and it make the images look lighter than the default theme. I can tell you that on PC and using PS7 I see no darkening of my images.

Good luck.


Thanks for the tip. I used Cubic @ 1 and had better sucess. BUT when I output a single TGA and open it in photoshop and select “image size” the resolution is still @ 72 DPI which is realy low. Is there a way I can export it from Blender @ say 300 pixels per centimeter or somethng to that affect. 72 is good for net but not for print.

thanks again

Blender takes no account of dpi. It is photoshop which uses it and 72 is a default with little meaning : you set it to whatever you need. If you want 300dpi (dots per inches) and want to print an 8x10 (inches) you’ll need (8x300pixel)by(10x300pixels) which is 2400x3000. Roughly.


Thanks for that information. Would you mind telling me where in Blender I can make those adjustments? It would be greatly appreciated.

thanks again

In the Render buttons (F10), Format panel, SizeX and SizeY buttons.


as said.

plus: you can reduce jaggies further by using both OSA and MBlur (with NO animation whatsoever, on a single frame render, factor 0.5 or 1 is okish).

renders forever, usually looks good.

if you are really really really into it - use full OSA on all materials, too.

aha! just noticed!

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