Bad Shading after extrude, but not sure why?

Hey guys, working on some new game models and I’m having trouble with some shading issues. Its in both Blender and Unity, so I’m quite sure it’s a topology problem I’m not understanding? I’ve tried to be sure everything is quads, and a few tris here and there to reduce the amount of polies since its going into a game engine. My normals are all consistent, checked with both backface culling and the face direction overlay. The only modifier I have is a mirror. Starting to run out of ideas :frowning:

I can say , it’s fine when shaded flat, but I’m gonna want it to be smooth in the end since it will have a slight bend to it.

if anyone has any suggestions to try, it would be very much appriciated! Thanks!

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An instant fix. Thank you so much!

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