Bad sign??

Hello Blenderheads

I bought the last SUSE linux release (8.0) (And I like it very much). For years Blender was always put in the SUSE distributions. But this time no Blender!!! Now they have Moonlight3D as 3D application!
So these guys are thinking Blender is dead or something. I hope they are wrong indeed!!
But Moonlight3D looks good. And is a real raytracer and more (undo but no bolean operations too). Does someone here have experience with this 3D program. To be honest I never heard of it before.


Guy (from ter2blend, you know…)

Yo den Guy!!

Sorry to say, but Moonlight3D is dead and has been for quite a while. Its website has disappeared long ago.

I agree, it is quite a capable package. Support (downloads, tutorials, gallery) can be found at a fan site:

Another site to look at is which also has a Moonlight section beside its Blender section. (Select ‘Faire de la 3D’ at the right)

If you like Moonlight3D, you might like
Very impressive and in active development…

Den Michel

It’s been resurected and the homepage is at:
Very cabpable program but not as good as blender.

erm… i’ve bought suse7.2pro … and no blender… moonligh3d is there.
so i don’t think it’s got something to do with NaNs fate…

i agree with kerosene. no support.