Bad soldering Nvidia cards

Amazing now free open source engine made a lot of noise when it burned multiple rtx cards

As it turned out it was more a manufacturing defect if the cards

Remind me of my MacBook Pro where the Nvidia gpu also was flawed in mass production …

I read the article, it is not clear that the problem is of Nvidia or EVGA. I suspect EVGA, but do not know. Not sure if anyone here knows which?

Last I read it was heavily dependent on which brand was on your RTX 3090 card, and usually that occurred when the framerate was uncapped.

Though we need to keep in mind that Nvidia and AMD now push their architectures as far as they can go for their flagship models (as proven by their wattage and their need for huge cooling shrouds), so perhaps the top-end cards of today are just less tolerant of imperfect engineering?

Does it matter if it happens with Nvidia or 3rd party vendor - fact just seems to be that it was mess the game engines fault but more the particular card

Not everybody had that issue too

Yes they are pushing things to the limit, I for one have never been a fan of overclocking etc.

Yes in the sense that………one day, I would like to buy a new card and it would be good to know if there are brands to avoid. The game did not cap the frame rate but also dodgy manufacturing was involved, ie the game has not killed all cards.

I am not sure if heavy rendering could have a similar effect as it is easy to over-do things in a 3d scene, forcing a card to its limits.
I am not a computer technician so this is just a random thought.

I’ve so far gotten asus, msi reliable so far

Its in article

Apparently, the soldering around the graphics card’s MOSFET circuits leaves much to desire.

And as I hinted at in my last post, this is going to be a major issue for users unless they can get Nvidia and AMD to turn down the voltage a tad so while you get a minor loss in performance, there is a far higher chance of your card not dying within a few years of heavy use.

The vast majority of people will have absolutely no clue on how to check for things like this before the card is plugged into the machine, I know I would not be the one to ask when figuring out what a MOSFET circuit is.

This is why I tend to go for the x70 Geforce cards. They’re less expensive, the performance generally solid, and they’re not tweaked out to run at 10,000 RPM the moment you put your foot on the gas.

From that angle you are right - I was more like does it matter what vendors card was problematic because it was not the game engines fault.

When the engine came out and friend the cards many blamed the engine but it from the start sounded more like a hardware issue to me.

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aw. evga makes cool looking cards too.

PC gaming has had a history of being “risky”.

I’ve heard of the 3080 and 3090 frying PSU’s.

Might hold of on buying one until all the kinks are worked out.

This is the MOSFET circuit right?