Bad trip on breakfast...

(YAYA) #1

I would like some feedback on this: blues.jpg

(S68) #2

Broken link? :frowning:


(YAYA) #3

No, bad link! you got the good one in the list, it’s the same message!

Sorry again

(basse) #4

i love kitchens.
this is great modelling, great setting.
only the lights are bad.
looks flat.

looks like the whole scene is in shadow… you need more highlights… to guitar, to bottle… table…

how did you manage to toast the bread so nicely, cripspy, yet not burned at all!


(YAYA) #5

I think you’re right for the lights, there’s a lot to do!

And for the bread, it’s only a burning time question!! :stuck_out_tongue:

(LohnS) #6

WOW…man…WOW 8)

(K-Rich) #7

Great details! (though i did adjust the gamma to 1.5).

The little things make this great
- the spilled milk
- bread crumbs
- flames on the burner

there are a few odd things i must mention, there is an oddly dark “spot” to the left of the teapot.

The knife has no butter on it, but obviously spread the butter on the bread.

The butter looks too smooth, you might want to add a slight NOR map to it.

Also… That’s a toaster, not a Blender :slight_smile: nice logo placement :slight_smile:


(YAYA) #8

Good, constructive remarks!
now, the good link(why didn’t I think to post it again in this place; I’m so slow sometimes!!)