Bad unwrapping - need help

Hey everyone,

This is the model I will refer too: It’s supposed to be the bottom of a potion bottle.

A few points:

1. The model refuses to unwrap anymore, and it unwraps pretty badly. What should I do to make it unwrap better?
2. I want every part of the model taking up about of equal space… any suggestions?

Either there are some Blender setting tht I’m not aware of yet or your blend file is corrupted. Append the object to a new blend and it works again. It unwrapped just fine, it just wouldn’t stick the texture to the faces. As far as the unwrapping goes you’ve just gotta keep playing with it til you learn what to do. I’m not very good at it either. You didn’t have any seams marked. You need to do this in order to group faces which makes the job much easier.


How do you want it to be seen, you should depict it.For example,as you see in the pic below i have just unwrapped it from uvface select window with the method"project from view".And rotate and scale the resulting uv map.For further mapping u should use seams.Just search for tuts those include this topic.(I’ve subsurfed it once initially).
Maybe u can use the “Archimap UV Projection Unwrapper”(which is built-in UVs Menu).But it takes too much effort to mapping it after unwraapping the mesh

Thanks for both of your answers.

Moremun: The elvish text should as separate pieces fit on the sides where the metal bends in. Also want to add more detail on other places, so it doesn’t look monochromatic. Your method sounds good. I’ll try it… seams, right? Are there any tutorials around about seams or should I search wikiblender? Thanks!

RamboBaby: I’ll try that, and then apply Moremun’s suggestions as above. Thank you! EDIT: Tried to append the object again, and the same unwrapping problem occurs… tried to load the mesh instead of the object, but the mesh didn’t show at all… Hmm…

Not sure what else to tell you. That’s how I was able to get the job done. Maybe a reinstallation is in your near future.

No issue. Obviously I needed to mark seams, otherwise it wouldn’t unwrap. Thanks a LOT, both of you. Case closed :slight_smile: