Bad Wolf Labs: Ballet project

okay this is a bit of an involved project but first off I do not need (or actually want) exclusives if you as an artist want to flip your work for profit go ahead i just want A COPY.

I am trying to develop a set of Child Avatars for SecondLife/OpenSim with a Ballet Theme.

i need

1 folks to do the various bits of texture work (skins and clothing textures)
2 modelers (mostly to do clothing)
3 somebody to spin up a recent copy of Blender with the Cloth Sewing Patch (myself i need win32)
4 Fashion Advisers (i don’t have a good grasp of what works for the 4-9year old girl group)

One of the hooks on this is i need to get skins that are better Barbie but not quite RealDoll for a range of skintones (i want to do a full human Rainbow).

Oh and i am using MakeHuman for my models (not a member of the CORE TEAM but some of this will be flipped to them)