Baffled already

Hello all, BRAND NEW to Blender and already stuck at the first hurdle. I am switching back and fourth following a tutorial of animating text. For the last 8 attempts to save as mp4 I have had only a black screen, however, have I found something? Please see image. I notice on the tutorial video there is a little icon (I believe its a camera icon?), but when you look at mine with the ? there is nothing there. I am stumped because I have gone over this time and time again and cannot get that icon on the ‘Point’ line. Is it this missing icon that is giving me the black screen after rendering?

Any support would be great thank you

In the top menu in the outliner there is al ittle icon looking like a funnel or something. If you hover over it it says “Filter”. Klick that and you can select which icons should be visible in the outliner. Among them is the camera icon.

Fantastic, Many Thanks.