Baikal border scene

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Love the scene! The vehicles look amazing! The modelling of the giant offroad tractor(?) is great - there are so many small details on it and the texturing really brings it to life. Excellent work!


You’re #featured! :tada:


I really like your work, though two things bug me a bit, to be honest:

  • The guy’s clothing seems inadequate to the temperatures

  • The guy and the vehicles look a bit sterile, insofar as they seem magically dropped into the scene: No footprints nor skidmarks in the snow, no ice or snow whatsoever on the guy’s boots, the car’s wheels, bumper, fenders, radiator grill, the caterpillar tracks.

greetings, Kologe

Oh I love the big locomotive and the robots. Great work !

Wow, super cool!

Thanks, will improve the details

I really love the shaders! Any tips or tutorials you can recommend? Also, the scale and camera angle is fantastic.

Thanks for featuring this one!

Thx! Nothing special here with shaders, many handpaint and baked stuff

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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