Bake a Normal map but has some noise in it.

I have a problem when i bake a hi-res model for normal map i noticed that there was some noise in the normal map image. so i tried to bake normal map from one cube to the other and there are still a noise.So i want some advice what i did wrong.

Here is my Normal map image that get from the cube

And here my blend fileuntitled.blend (406 KB)

in my blend file there are two cubes at the same place.
I baked normal from “Cube.001” to “Cube”.
I use smart UV unwrap to unwrap “Cube”.

In your example increase the Distance or Bias value a notch

A more specific example may be more appropriate rather than baking the difference between two identical objects

Yeah! I can get rid of those noise. Thank for advice. :slight_smile:

and Could you please explain me what is the Bias and Distance value? it would be a lot of help for me.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: