Bake All Dynamics (Smoke)

Tutorial Followed: How to create an explosion.
By: Blender Guru using Blender 2.5.

Blender Version: 2.76b
Engine: Blender Render
Project: Explosion
Physics: Smoke

Problem . . .

I have an explosion that creates a mushroom cloud with fire. Both of my flow sources are set to particle system and the particle system is selected underneath it. I baked all dynamics on the domain. I can view all of the animations and the smoke during playback in blender.

However the problem is that when I render a scene, everything is rendered except the smoke. I downloaded the final blend file that Blender Guru provides on this website and compared his settings to mine. Everything seems to be in order. So, does anyone have any ideas why the smoke isn’t being rendered?

I’m thinking there has to be something I missed; something I did or didn’t check in the attributes.

Blend file for review ?

Sorry. I didn’t think I could post anything except messages because I have less than 10 posts. I just tried to attach the blend file two time and it wouldn’t upload. I’m not sure why.

There is a file size limit.
Option 1 - strip out all the crap and trya again
Option 2 - Upload blend file to
Option 3 - Upload blend file to one of the multitude of file hosting sites (Please DO NOT use a shitty virus ridden spammy file host site)

I have never used pasteall before, but I uploaded the file. I guess this is the link to send as it didn’t give me anything else?

It is called ¨shockwave.explosion¨. Also, in the future, would dropbox be fine? I have a dropbox account.