Bake Animation Crashes 2.47

I have been trying for an hour (unsuccessfully) to bake an animation using the bake_animation script of Papa Smurf’s, but it keeps crashing Blender (not just a Python error - full application crash).

The site states that the script should work and having compared the file between versions, I cannot see why it would fail, yet it does.

Is there someone I can talk to about this. It is quite frustrating.


Quick note: It seems to work in 2.46, so this is obviously a bug in the 2.47 version of the code… who to talk to on this?


Could you submit a bugreport at (you’ll need to register to do so).

Please remember to include info such as:

  • os, blender version(s), python version(s)
  • also, a test file that you can consistently crash blender with (simplified down) would be good


Hi! I just saw this post. You can PM the author (me in this case). I tested with 2.47 SVN and did not see issues. I confess I am on a project right now and have not upgraded, but I will d/l the 2.47 and post back later today. In the meantime, plz describe the armature and constraints etc. or post a blend. Thanks!

ok, so I figured out what I did not do. Even though my new/updated scripts were in SVN, they did not get put into the 2.47 branch and I did not check and so they did not get into the release. My bad. Ideasman has illuminated me on what I need to do in the future.

In the meantime, there are two files you need to manually copy into your scripts directory: into your scripts folder AND into your scripts/bpymodules folder.

Your 2.47 release does not include the updated BPyArmature file, which is causing the crash. You can get both files here:
Sorry for the confusion, I’m a newb (but learning).

Actually, I downloaded and replaced the required files for this. They do not work (I’m a developer so I diff’ed the ‘’ file to check if I needed to copy it in).

Is there an email address I could use to send you the .blend file? I tried baking in 2.46. While it didn’t crash - it didn’t work properly either (very weird results, not at all like the actual constrained armature).


all email and contact info for all scripts are available thru the Help->Scripts Help Browser. This function actually parses a recommended header for all Blender scripts and gives help for the script, and an email button for each email specified. Mine is in there (and I pm’ed it to ya as well). I did check the script in 2.47 against my test an all is fine. Will be interesting to see your party crasher.

Please be sure you deleted the BPyArmature.pyc file, to make python recompile the module and refresh it with the new code.

got ur email. I’m confused. The file you sent me has an apparent bake of Armature consisting of 30 bones for some 3500 frames. You’re gonna hate me, but it works on my PC. In fact, the bake file you sent me plays back. Painfully Slowly, but it plays back. No crash. Blender has issues with keys for each bone, i dunno know why. I get good response on my PC with 4-second increments (120 frames). 3500 frames is two minutes of continuous action, which is a lot (to me).

So, I thought you said it crashes your Blender immediately. But that doesnt make sense if you have a bake in the file. So maybe it is crashing midway through. Try baking smaller units of time, maybe you are running out of memory, altho you did bake over 3500 frames afaik… which is a lot! Look for an alloc returns nil() message - which is geekspeak for running out of RAM

Replied to your email, but for those that might be following…

There are two armatures. One has been imported using the Import Motion Capture script for BVH files. This armature has been resized and adjusted then used as the target for a few “copy location” and “child of” constraints for the primary armature. This primary armature crashes immediately when using the bake animation script.

I’m assuming there has been a change somewhere in the code for constraints as the same file “sort of” works in 2.46. That is, it doesn’t crash but the baked animation looks nothing like the one prior to baking.

I am more than willing to use 2.46 for the baking if required, but it’s buggy just not “crash buggy”.