bake from high to low poly patch

good news :slight_smile:

i found a baking enhancement patch on cvs, i hope we can testing it soon

baking patch

an example for baking high to low poly

WOOHOO! just when i will be needing it the most! :smiley:

edit: wait, that patch aint a new thing… :confused:

Sorry to rain…
The patch as attached is rather unlikely to be suitable to applied… it’s more like a proof of concept how it could be done."

Before a patch that can’t be applied is reviewed and then for someone to pick up the concept and actually implement it…

Was that bake done using this patch? I don’t think so. It’s only a raycast code as I understood. But I’m waiting for something like that for 2 years, and it was even promised for Blender 2.43, where the first bake possibility appeared…