bake multiple particle-systems

I have 8 particle systems I want to bake. Instead of selecting one, clicking on bake, waiting 3 minutes, then move onto the next one, I want to select all the particle systems and tell blender to bake them all. How do I do that? I realize that there is the option “Bake all dynamics”, but I fear I will also bake the smoke (which is also in the scene) with that, which I do not want to for now.

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

\edit: Also during particle-baking, my 4 cpu cores dont seem to be used very much, not sure if multi-threading, overall usage about 25%. Is this normal behaviour?

I would be really greatful for any hints on this :).

It’s probably not multithreaded. I think you’ll need to disable the smoke for now, then turn it back on after the particle bake.