Bake Shape Key

Introducing Bake Shape Keys, 3D Stop-Motion, real-life Stop-Motion and 3D printing add-on

I am working for stop-motion animation studio now, where I animate facial expressions and make replacement objects out of them for 3D printing. I wrote this add-on specifically for that purpose, but I think it came out super nice and decided to share to everyone. It is extremelly useful set of features and I’m sure lot of people will find different uses for it as well.

Add-on gives you ability to insert keyframe for all shape keys and Bake Shape Key Action. Blender’s default Bake Action operator doesn’t cover shape key animations and if you want to give shape key animation stop-motion style without this add-on you have to insert keyframes for each shape key manually for every frame, change interpolation to constant, but this button does all that in a single click.


It also has the ability to turn Shape Keys into Objects. Basically, it looks through the entire shape key animation, detects changes on each frame (or keyframes, if you choose that), and turns each of them into a different duplicated object. This is for 3D printing specifically, so that I could easily turn each action into replacement parts without having to manually duplicate, apply shape keys and etc. But I think this can be used for other purposes besides 3D printing, as technically its baking Shape Keys to identical meshes in a single click and can be quite handy.


Besides that, add-on is also used for organizational purposes, it gives each object unique data name based on shape key values so that it can detect duplicates, but you can do that manually too. I use this feature to keep track of every part we 3D print to make sure we don’t print anything twice.

Full documentation and list of features on BlenderMarket page. To respect everything we’ve been saying at bat-guano-insane-things topic I included option that lets users decide where in the UI they want to put add-on :slight_smile:

This add-on will keep evolving based on my work requirements and user feedback, which is very welcome. I’ll use this topic for tracking.

I hope you’ll enjoy Baking Shape Keys :slight_smile:


Add-on is now on Gumroad for a dollar cheaper. Thanks for everyone who bought it already.

I’d like to hear feature suggestions too, if anybody has some

Add-on is now free and available on extensions platform. You can get it directly from there from 4.2 and get updates directly from inside Blender.

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