Bake Skape key Animation

Hey everyone,
I rigged and animated a dragon and used shape keys to get a smooth folded dragonwing.
I used a driver, so everytime the dragon folds his wing during the animation it uses the shapekey.
At first everything looked fine. in Unity as well but in the final game build on the console the mesh kind of exploded at a certain key during the animation.
After some other tests i removed the shapekeys and it looked fine.

i thought maybe the driver causes some troubles.
has anyone had similar problems or an idea what it could be?
i thought maybe there is a way to bake the shape key into keyframes or something similar…

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I found a little tip in order to bake shapeKeys but it’s ugly :

  • Export the obj to Alembic File
  • Import back this Alembic file
  • Select this new object (from Alembic import) and export it in .MDD
  • Convert the current Alembic obj with object/convert to/Mesh from curve…
  • Select the object and import on it the .MDD file

It should be all converted with baked shapeKeys :wink:

Thanks a lot for your reply^-^
I`m going to try this workaround :smiley: