Bake Wrangler - Node based baking tool set

Hello @netherby, I tried using the Input Material node for baking tileable textures but the output texture is always black.

Blender 3.4 / BakeWrangler 1.3.6

I did a small test by just using the default bake recipe (then using the input material node) and tried baking the albedo of a random pbr material. I’m not sure if I’m using the nodes correctly.

note that the plane with the material is just for preview

I already tried:
-Switching Render Devices (CUDA, Optix)
-Different color spaces, resolutions
-Different PBR Passes

My desired use case is to bake/flatten tileable texture set from an uv’d object with tileable textures with procedural overlays.

It’s possible that node got broken by Blender 3.4, I will look into it!

Okay… So I don’t know when or how this happened, but an empty material slot some how got onto the object that is used to bake materials which displaces the material you actually want to bake…

You can fix this in the current version by opening the addon\BakeWrangler\resources\BakeWrangler_Scene.blend, click on the BW_MatPlane object in the outliner and delete the empty material slot from that object. Then save the file.

tried the fix and it now works!

Thank you!