Baked Camera from C4D to Blender, Coordinates different

Hi, I have a camera with backed animation which I’m importing to Blender through FBX 7.4(2014) from C4D R20.

There is no hierchy, and all frames are baked. However, the coordinates line up quite accurately on the initial position but they change quite abit as the track progresses.

Any ideas?

Well, besides C4D being y-up and Blender being z-up the differences might simply be rounding errors.
It is also possible that C4Ds first frame is on frame 0 while Blender usually uses frame 1 as the first frame.
Try if frame 1 in Blender lines up with frame 0 in C4D and if frame 1008 in Blender lines up with 1007 in C4D.

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@Lumpengnom Thank you so mcuh! That was exactly it!
I never thought about that, because I assumed the frames would line up being baked and all that.