Baked normal map from cycles to BGE


Need a little help with baked normal maps in cycles. My issue is that I already baked the normals to use in bge ( I don’t know if correctly), the high poly to low poly method of baking normals, and when I use them on bge, anti-aliasing doens’t work, mainly on corners and edges , wich is my case (I’ll submit the pictures below) and also the object stay a way too flat, even if I use smooth (wich sometimes become weird) or edge loops.

I also saw a tip (don’t know if it works) that is baking a big normal map and then baking small ones to make the anti-aliasing effect. I use it, but i don’t know if it works.

Messing with the textures, one time I changed the image sampling from normal to derivative; changes a little, but not too much.

(And if I could ask together, of how to bake the other maps of cycles (like shadows, glossy and etc) and how to use them in BGE and if it’s possible to use them in BGE).

I would apreciate any help, tutorials, or anything to clear this out.

Thanks in advance.

i don’t use cycles, but if you have baked it you got a texture right?
In bge just apply that texture to the object (dont forget to unwrap it if you didnt do that yet)
for normal maps it’s the same as above, apply it below the diffuse texture, put normal map on at image sampling and scroll down disable color and activate normal.

I don’t use cycles either e.e (my Pc is really bad for it or any other render actually e.e) but I was trying to get, I don’t know, some kind of nice “PBR” effect on the BGE using only the normal map and the diffuse color. In my case I didn’t sculpt the cube, just subdivide it to get these nice smooth effects, but when baking he undertands the edges with depth:

Here’s the high poly cube:

(I think I am becoming crazy on this pbr thing, maybe e.e)

thanks for reply

did you try smoothing the cube?

The low-poly? yes, but was still a little weird, with aliasing and like if have depth on edges instead of the soft edge of the high-poly.

I used too more than one normal maps, increasing the edges and some kind of AO happened(because of the light/or specular effect)

This could possible be caused by bad retopo?

Because i just take a cube, use subsurface modifier and apply some edge loops to mantain the shape of a cube, duplicated this cube without the modifier, UV unwrap it and than bake it.

Here are two exemples that I don’t know if it’s right:

bake2.blend (3.34 MB)

bake3.blend (4.27 MB)

For both of them I used the multiresolution modifier (Didn’t applied), and increase the samples amount under 1000-2000.

With the low-poly I use the smooth option:

-On the first cube I didn’t have to use subsurface to make a little more smooth (it can be see a little flat on the edges)

-On the secund cube I have to use subsurface to aproximate the high-poly mesh (just level 2).

have a question now: Using baked normal maps means no more subdivision surface or I can use it and have to? Because on the second cube I use a multiresolution with level 6 and with the normal map in the low poly just used level 2 in subsurface and “get” the effect.