Baked textures turn out black

Hi there, I have a problem with baking textures from high to lowpoly. Normal and diffuse maps look good, but others (AO, specular) are just black. I checked the normals, added light, the textures are not connected to shaders in the materials and there are no hidden objects… I dont know what I can do else. Have you any ideas?

I upload a testfile with the objects where the problem occurs. testscene_baking.blend (1.5 MB)

Hope somebody can give me a hint!

Flip the Normals of your hires object (select ‘desk’ object, Edit mode, Shift+N).

And for a better result, you should set the Ray Distance to something a bit bigger than 0.

Thanks @Secrop! Yes it is because of the normals… Recalculating them has fixed it. I had a higher ray distance in my original scene. Oh man I recalculated the normals before, but also the inner ones and this was apparently the mistake. Next time I will ask earlier in this forum. :slight_smile:

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