Bakeing 3d model to plane

Is it possible to bake 3d models to plane with all maps like 3dsMax in blender and how??

Hi @Kumaran_sip,

it is indeed possible, Here’s a quick example where I’ve scattered a pile of meshes on a surface , then baked that onto a flat plane. This example uses a ‘full render’ ( ie I have not separated out the diffuse/AO/etc ), but you can select what channels you need. The plane onto which you bake MUST have a valid UV map.


Use the Selected-to-Active method. This involves selecting ( in my example) all the red pyramids and the ground plane THEN selecting the plane I want to bake onto and hitting ‘BAKE’. My bake type is set to ‘combined’ so it gives me the full render as my baked image. NOTE: the plane must be directly over the geometry you want to capture in your bake ( I’ve moved it aside so you can see the pyramid meshes and shadows are exactly as cast).

Here’s the Blend file:
Multiple_object_bake.blend (1.1 MB)

You will need to select the node indicated as ‘output image’ and press bake to get it to regenerate as this file did not have it saved out.


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Thankyou Damianj