Baking from 3Dscan

I’m working on a series of objects that have been scanned, now I have to retopologize them in order to use them in real-time. I have finished the retopology (not without a lot of diffculties as I’m totally new to that) and I’m trying to bake the textures of the high poly to the new one, but the result is atrocious :slight_smile: indeed in some parts, the baking seems to be taking the textures of the other side of the object which creates dark patches on the front, and the textures of the front sometimes get on the backside. It’s kind of difficult to explain like this so I have joined a few images to help you undestand. I have watched a lot of tutorials but I can’t find the solution: is that because my retopology sometimes gets under the high poly mesh’s relief?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

PS: other pictures are coming in the following posts