Baking machined aluminum material with radial finish

Hi there!
Need help with a problem with baking machined aluminum material with radial finish.
I am trying to make a machined aluminum material for my model, like this one:

The problem is that after the bake of the textures (in 8K) in the roughness and bump maps there are unintended artifacts, similar to waves and ripples:

Roughness map:

Bump map:

Can someone please help me?

I don’t know about baking, but to me it looks like you’re wasting a lot of UV area to the circle. Any reason you need to have UV working like this? I’d try to UV one quad of the circle, then follow active quads, then scale it to fit the UV space completely, finally collapse one axis to a point so that you can map out a single pixel lookup to use UV.x or UV.y. Making that whole disk occupy just 8192x1 pixels. Something like:


Hi CarlG! What I’ve included are not the full map images, sorry, just a portion, the full one is this one:

The circle is not made into wedges in the middle part:

I was trying to solve the problem by changing the settings of the Noise Texture node, which I used for generating the circular stripes, thinking it was a moire artifact problem, circles too close together.

Do you think I should reshape the segmented circle mesh and collapse it into a row, like you said before? But then I would have to do the same process for all the meshes? Sorry to ask, but I don’t have much experience. What is your workflow?

What’s the intended use? Any reason you need to bake everything down into textures doing everything from the same shader nodetree? Since I don’t export to game engines and only render out in Cycles, “my workflow” might not be useful. I.e. since I never have to deform anything and rarely use UVs in the first place, I have no problems making cylindrical objects that collapse to a center point (without merging), then using the UVs for special purposes.

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The model is made for sale, so I have to bake all materials into textures, and provide them with model exchange formats like FBX and OBJ, so that they can be applied with any program. i don’t think in my case it is good thing to collapse everything in one place. But instead it is good to make a good unwrap of the meshes and without overlapping.

Then I’m a bit at a loss. I only approach the problem as a cycles problem that I only have to address from a cycles standpoint using all kinds of workarounds. For sale items you’d expect it to be deformable with decent quad layout.

I think the quality of the topollogy is good and clean. I only used tris and quads for the model meshes.
Thanks for the tips!