Baking Material Colors to Texture

Hi Blender pros and artist, I mean, artists [just got confused in the way here, like always].
I searched about this for a bit and couldn’t find anything. Thing is I don’t even know if it is possible because it is not exactly a ‘feature’ of Blender, or at least that’s what I think.
I have this cube all based on a single material with a color ramp Lambert:

Its color are just a color ramp + different positioned lights.

I would like to know which of these things are possible and if possible, how:
-Baking those material ramp colors to an UV map/texture.
-Baking the wireframe black lines/edge overlay too to an UV map/texture. [this is the thing that I don’t know if it is possible in a conventional way… but customizable is Blender’s second name]
-Split every individual face, the 16 two-face interception, and the 4 three-face interceptions as individual small cubes, that is, that big cube is obviously hollow in the inside, but is there a way for Blender to analyze the mesh and separate them all as cubes? Is there a feature or script for that? It would be something as simple as using the perpendicular faces to a face to determine how incomplete is a face, how many interconnected faces it is lacking and then complete it as a cube. Between any given face of a cube there’s 0 or 90 degree so 0 degrees means it is an isolated face that needs 5 faces to get completed blah blah (you all know this better than me).
But I only know C# + no graphics programming knowledge.

Also, is there a way to bake vertex colors too to a texture? Guess that’s documented somewhere but if someone felt like adding something, I wouldn’t complain.

Thanks :slight_smile: <-- this smiley still gives me nightmares!

as far as the baking, you can bake all those things. go to the bake buttons at the bottom of your render panel, and select from the menu ( btw ‘textures’ includes the material )