Baking normal for high poly sculpture not applying to low poly mesh

I will list the steps that I did -

  1. I opened the high poly mesh that was initially sculpted, with multires modifier on. (I did not apply the modifier)
  2. I duplicated the high poly mesh and made a low poly mesh using decimate modifier in the collapse tab with the ratio of 0.1.
  3. I UV unwrapped the low poly mesh, created a new image with default settings.
  4. I created a new blank material for both the high and low poly mesh and applied it to both of them.
  5. I opened the shade editor, and added a image texture node with the image created before opened up.
  6. I turned my render settings to cycles, GPU compute, and selected the high poly mesh and baked a normal map using the ‘bake with multires’ setting.
  7. Once the map is baked, I created a normal map node and connected to the material node to complete it.

However, nothing seems to be happened… What would be the problem? I think the problem is in the unwrapped UV of the low poly mesh, but it is only a guess and I am still not sure… This is the tutorial that I followed. Here is the link to the file.

Try selecting the texture node and nothing else in the node editor…then run your normal pass again.