Baking normal map is extrimely slow when switch from 2k to 4k

My spec:
Ryzen 3900x
64Gb or RAM
Blender 3.1.2, on Win10

Baking 2k normal map takes ~5sec.
Switch resolution to 4k extrimely increasing time. Its was something like 7-10 minutes on only 50% of progress!
I found recomendation to set Memory > Tiling to 4096 instead of default 2048. It doesnt help at all.

So, how to fix that?

A 2K image has 4,194,304 pixels, with three channels (RGB) each, for a total of 12,582,912 data points. A 4K image has 16,777,216 pixels, for a total of 50,331,648 data points. This is more or less expected behavior- the time required to bake 50m data points is orders of magnitude larger than the time to bake 12m :slight_smile:

We literally talking about 5seconds versus 7++ minutes. Its *60 difference. Its not even close to something which can be described as “expected behavior”.
Problem was solved by disabling tiling.

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