Baking Not Working Out Right

Hello fellow Blender users

I’m wrapping up a model for my video game (it’s a gun), and I’m baking it so that I can export it to Unity. However, I’ve come across an odd issue. My bakes are weirdly discolored. Take a look:

Baked Image

Normal Image

Baked Image

Normal Image

I’ve looked around online, but have been unable to find any valuable answers. I would be very appreciative for some help. If you need any additional information, let me know. Thanks!

Your node are a little small and while switching between the images the setup is also very jumpy… but i also don’t under stand waht you are trying to show:
In the first you are using a (normal) texture with sRGB and not non-color as input for an Normal map which you the put into an bumpnode ???

Usually the direction is:
Use a b/w image to use a bump node to get a normal map by using a normal mad not…

Then you show another node setup (texture ??) for the difuse… so what ??

Something similar with to last two (GLock US MILITARY)… here the jumping is no so bad but the settp ??

You may consider to re-read the manual about bump and normal node and using non-color…

I’m trying to maintain coloration similar to the non-baked images. In the first image you can see that I plugged in the baked diffuse map into the principled bsdf. In the “normal” image corresponding to that particular material, I unplugged the baked image and used a mix node, and the coloration is obviously fine there. Although I may not be using the normal node properly, that’s not my question. I’m just wondering why the colors are not being baked properly. I’ll set up the normal nodes properly again and check if that changes anything. Thanks for replying!

Aha, I have found the issue. It seems the other modifiers in the principled bsdf were screwing up the bake. So weird.

(I’m not fighting you… i have better things to do… please read carfully…)

Someone can only guess what’s wrong based on the info you give… because i also see no highpoly/lowpoly here i also wonder what you are “baking” at all… and so this also results into guessing…

So i guess:

You wanted to use a s/w image to bake a normal map for the serial number and the text ?? So you may show the setup for that?
But then again why bake and use a normal because htis setup also can be used in the game engine when it can use a normal map…

Or in other words: there is no info which may somebody conclude to why: Baking Not Working Out Right…

I repeat: you may re-read something in the manual or something… because there are no modifier in the shader editior (and espcially not in the P-BSDF)…

The problem which does occure here: other people may don’t understand what you are talking about… and so finally can’t easily help you.

Happy blending…

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I meant no trouble. I’m sorry if I sounded gruff. If so, I was simply frustrated and not with you. Unity cannot handle Blender nodes such as bump and color ramp from my knowledge which makes it imperative to bake textures. Here is the final product of the chamber part of the gun. Thanks again!

Be at ease… no offense taken…

But Unity (i’m not too much into this) also has some shader graph editor and material setting like so…