baking physics to engine but not for drot : /

Hi hi !

I’m working for a project the goal of which is to showcase a robot people are building (physically) in our school.

So we have done the robot, and have set it to be controllable in Blender’s game engine. It uses some sort of tracks(like for tanks) and has therefore wheels.

Wheels are rotated every time the user presses up down or right, thanks to a python script which uses the setDRot() method (or function?)

Our first is however not to make a game, but rather a video for representatives of various firms which will be invited to a presentation/conference about the robot. So we kept developping the gaming part to have it working at best, bearing in mind that we’d bake ourselves playing the game for small times and then render that using different cameras.

So my question is : do you know of a version of blender with which DRot baking works ? (we’ve tried to bake with the Game > Record Game Physics to IPO function in 2.4a1 and 2.4a2 and only translation and torque are recognized and registered to ipo).

Here’s one file. If you can help that’s very very nice, because I don’t feel like coding with the Blender python library to register IPO for now (we don’t have time to program such a thing ourselves).


try record IPO script

thank you,
I had found that page yesterday

so thanks anyway


OT: I think now it’s time to start brainstorming some AI GE scripts - one could make a one-button-push movie with blender’s GE-to-ipo recording …

I posted a query for Astar-like script some time ago.

Thank you so much for bothering about that…

Using RecIpo script (which we modified) will be bearable for now.
It does recognize DRot since it records orientation instead of just physics which is perfect.


May I ask, what kind of modification you did in recIpo script?

For your info :
The project as far as animation movie is concerned has just been cancelled.
We’ll maybe just use the recIpo script to display small animations in HD on video screens in the school.


the changes are just minor

The near sensor in the logic bricks was removed because : I needed many objects to be detected, and those objects had to move maybe far from the detector (without necessarily knowing how far)…

So I just adapted one of the two scripts so that : among all the objects in scene, the recording applied to objects whose name have one or another prefix contained in an array.
Namely, this spares me from the task of having to ipo properties to every object i want to record during game (by the way having to create a property which has to be a boolean and then set to True takes a long time (if one chose just a float property called prop and having a defaulf value : 0.0 that’s maybe 3 clicks less) (I have like 20 objects to record).

I also heard that the near sensor slowed things alot (which I did not take the time to check)…

The “adapted” recIpo doesn’t work yet because of an indentation problem which I didn’t take the time to correct (I was forced to go yesterday night).

Also, one thing that I could change in the future is , in case recording is too slow (I have tried with only one robot for now) to set your python scripts to be executed only when the robot moves (i can know it since the users press up, down, right left etc…). However your script’s actual version remains perfect for recording balls movement (in case my robots pushes one of them and it keeps rolling for some time before stopping).

Anyway the script is of a very very great help and is very easy to use compared to others I’ve searched for.
Thank you ashid