baking problem, status

I like the latest SVN uilds of blender, and the new baking features, especially baking from one object to another. A problem I’m having is there is still the problem with textures, shadows and so on coming out chopped up gritty or pixelated. I think this is mostly a lack of antialiasing or is it other things? I used to bake textures perfectly with a script, but there are reasons I want to use the built in baking.
does anyone know a solution, or if a fix is coming for the source code?

They look pixelated because of the new soft shadows. By default, the number of samples and the soft size is set to 1, so that is why it is pixelated. To fix it, give it more samples and/or lower the soft size.

I think they need to make it possible to access the old type of shadows as well, by being able to turn the Soft Size all the way down to 0.

In some cases it may be that, but mostly it’s not, even before the new shadows this problem existed, with shadows, and with textures and no shadows, I’ll post an example image…

Yeah there still isn’t any anti aliasing in baking.

try a larger texture if it is getting pixelated…

thanks, I did some tests, I just want to share my results for reference, I see the following

shadows have jagged edges and artifacts

textures, possibly just image textures, arn’t smoothed like the would be in rendering

bake AO, or bake full render with AO enabled has straight edges where they shouldn’t be on many triangles

so you can see the jagged areas in this from a full render bake, even though the settings were turned on for full smoothing

Use a better UV unwarp (actually you waste to much texture space) and use a bigger image to bake.