baking texture from one model to a different model?

i have two models. both models have UV’s. the first model is textured. the second model is not textured.
my question is if we can bake the texture from the first model to the second model .in a way i am asking if we can project the texture from one model to a different model . different topology.

maybe blender would see the normals and project them on a different model?

would this be possible with topogun?

What are your two models? Are they the same object with different UVs/topology or two totally different objects. More info is needed including screenshot and/or blend. The first you can do by baking the texture from one object onto the other.
Isn’t Topogun software for retopologising models ? That’s what I’ve used it for in the past

objects are very similar in shape with different topology and different UV’s.

imagine a shirt above the body. i want to bake/project the skin texture on the shirt.

This shows baking one texture to another object with different topology and UVs (in this case a decimated mesh)

i tryed this before opening this thread and it didnt work. must both models be the exact same shape ?can anyone try this out?


can anyone try this out?
You have my permission to try it.

The objects don’t have to be the same shape.
Tested baking texture from cube onto the cylinder and sphere. The same baking method as the earlier video


now i understand.

the texture from the first object needs to be loaded in the materia ltexture slot.