Baking textures is not so good quality.

I know how to bake textures :

1 - create a nice model
2 - unwrap it and texture it.
3 - add a nice illuminacion
4 - prepare a new unwraping for the new baked texture becuase uvs should not overlap
5 - in mesh tab , uv texture panel, do the right settings to bake in a new image from what is in the original uvmap.

the result is always, even a bit streched , it seems to have always jpeg type of artifacts , the is a lot of mipmaping ( :no: )

it just loooks ugly.

i think baking could give much better results.

okey dokey!

Check the texture support forums (with an example .blend) and then submit a bug if it seems like non-user error. This is neither news nor discussion.

I don’t know, Man…

Think maybe we need a poll to tell to get to the bottom of this quality issue.

lol a new great topic
blender is unusable :smiley:

do the right settings to bake in a new image

Are you absolutely certain of that? Can you show an example of such a baked texture at the different steps?