baking without noise

Hey everyone,

I need to bake the textures of a interrior scene, but even when I push the samples up to 2000 the white walls are very noisy, and the models colors aren’t the same as they are when I render it normaly.
I’m useing cycles and the new cycles baking.

Can you give me some tips to improve the rendersettings to make less noisy and (more important) equal in color, textures?

I’m afraid we can’t help you if we don’t have a .blend we can see. There can be many issues causing your bake to look differently than a render.

Sorry I didn’t find the time to upload something, but here it is:

here are 2 screenshots for comparison(the top one’s the render and the second one’s the model’s with the baked texture(ignore the black dots):


and here’s the blendfile:

It’s kind of frustrating, so I hope someone can help

thank you

btw. I did put the shading in BI to shadeless, but the colors are still very off and I tried to increase the samples, but it’s still wrong with about 2000 samples(and it takes forever to bake)