Balcony render

Hi guys!
I’d like to share my balcony render with you which I was working on last week.

Any feedback is appreciated, especially on how to achieve more photorealism!

Rendered with cycles with 1000 samples and a little bit of post processing with GIMP.

Nice job on this. You took the time to add some nice details like the shoes and clothes hanging which adds nicely to the scene. I’m curious if the roof shingles were an image texture or real geometry?

Either way, you created a nice and inviting space.

First of all, thanks for your positive feedback!
To your question: Yes, I actually modeled the shingles since using just an image texture looked flat and unrealistic (even with normal and dispalce map).

Very pretty. Could use a dirty some elements of the building that did not look so clean. It helps.

Looking good. I think you can improve the image by rotating the camera up until you can see the sky over the roof and partially hide the big rectangular tiles under the balcony. Then more overall contrast can help, easily doable with Ps/Gimp.

Thanks, I’ll try that :slight_smile: