Ball bearing - Cycles

Long time no post

Well… Its a ball bearing. Not much to say except that I like them (but I don’t like replacing them) and now with Cycles I thought that I try to make one as photo real I could. I know there are some mistakes in both modeling and texturing and I also know some of you will think I have gone overboard with the chromatic aberration and you are probably right but I like the effect in this case.

Rendered with Cycles, 1000 passes in 51 minutes.

Gorgeous work, especially the brushed steel.

The blue metal clip widget that holds the balls in place should look blued though.

Otherwise, do please, please share the brushed material.

LOVE the brushed steel gorgeous ^^

I like it very much. How did you do the brushed steel??

Steel! Its great! Maybe you can tell something about lighting and materials?

Thanks for all your comments, Im glad you like it. The brushed metal texture is nothing special actually. Its just an image texture on a diffuse and glossy mix shader. The lighting is also quite simple, its a hdr image on a sphere and one plane for the main light.

Nice. Did you make the brushed steel texture? If so, how did you do it. It looks awesome.

very very nice! i made an engine main bearing shell but it doesnt look as nice as yours!

It does look very nice, never ever seen ball bearings that clean :slight_smile: