Ball - E [ The next generation in robotics]

Hey i was just screwing around while waiting for someone to respond to my M1 Garand post lol… grrr only 2 ppl… lol… and i made this! i have no idea how i came up with it, but i like it! its curretly my background. just let me know what you think. and PLEASE say something about my M1 Garand. I named it BALL - E :wink: btw b/c it looked like a robot with a bit of personality and, well, wall-e was the first name that came to mind. but it was a ball. hence, BALL - E.

Okay, well thanks! :smiley:


Pretty Sweet!

Ball-E. Please! More like Blow-Everything-In-Its-Way-Up-Super-Destryoer-Robot-Ball-E. I think that name is too long tho. Anyways, i dont know what came over me, but i just decided to give this little bot some testosterone and a bottle of 'roids!..:eyebrowlift2:… NO ONE MESSES WITH BALL-E!:evilgrin: